Bushcraft and Survival

You will find in this section information about primitive or sport related wilderness living and survival, woodcraft, bushcraft, fieldcraft.

Survival skills or Bushcraft will lead you to wikipedia’s excellent definitions.

A dictionary definition of Survival :

  • the act or fact of surviving, esp. under adverse or unusual circumstances.
  • a person or thing that survives or endures, esp. an ancient custom, observance, belief, or the like.
  • Anthropology. (no longer in technical use) the persistence of a cultural trait, practice, or the like long after it has lost its original meaning or usefulness. –adjective
  • of, pertaining to, or for use in surviving, esp. under adverse or unusual circumstances : survival techniques.

A definition of Bushcraft :

  • skill in anything pertaining to bush country, as in finding one’s way, hunting, or finding water.

Related equipment can be found in Emergency and survival.

Make good use of the rule of three :

- 3 seconds : The maximum time you have to escape or take action on an immediate danger.
- 3 minutes : The average time you can survive without breatheable air.
- 3 hours : The time before you start dying from hypothermia or hyperthermia in a stressful and extreme situation.
- 3 days : The time before dehydratation can claim your life because of lack of water.
- 3 weeks : The time before you cannot do any daily necessary task because of lack of food.
- 3 months : The time without meeting anybody else before a solid depression catches you, or you discover that one pair of hands is short for long time survival.

This rule should not be taken to the exact duration, though these durations are in the larger statistical sense, exact, but it is useful to remember in order to establish priorities.

(And let’s thank Ron Hood for stating it in the first time)

We recommend you to start with the following articles :

US army FM 21-76 survival manual online

All Kitted Out

but also

Bush-Med Care Made Simple

Our section of free books provides good related reading :

Free Books

also this online book, external to our site is excellent :

Outdoor living - the 10 bushcraft books

about navigation :

MapReading.com free Navigation book



Le 20 mai 2003

I was looking for a good outdoor/survival site. Why is this site OBSESSED with weopanry. I can’t read an article without there being mention of guns, magazines, rifles etc etc. Why can’t you all just enjoy the outdoor life without imagining you’re at war ?

GET A (real) LIFE !

Le 22 mai 2003

Thanks Andy,

Effectively this site may look as we are OBSESSED with weaponry. There are some reasons for this :

  • Some of our authors are based in the USA, were "weaponry" is perceived differently. The needs and rights of most Europeans, to the exception of hunters are totally different. I generally do not need anything else than a swiss knife when out, but I am not talking about the same scale of wilderness either. North American wilderness may require the need to defend against animals long ago forgotten in other countries. I do not know, I never tried it, so I am unable to judge. My view is that is also part of the "pioneer" spirit.
  • Part of the definition of wilderness survival also encompass hunting in the "food gathering" category.
  • I yet have to hear about an example of any primitive people living and adapted to wilderness, not using a weapon of any kind to complement their diet with some animal food.
  • This site is not a book. I cannot cover all topics, if there is no author to write the articles.

The articles you reference are very well written, and while they are not of direct interest to me (and you as it seems), they are of interest to a lot of people.

So we do not only have articles with references to weaponry. Read what is interesting to you if any, and please tolerate the rest.

We will try to diversify as time allow, but I cannot fill all sections in the same time. I would like to address also specific needs for specific sports, such as water sports, winter sports, mountaineering, hiking and trecking, publish reports from trips and experiences... But the project is huge. All about this is finding enough authors with different point of views and experiences to satisfy everybody.

Hope this clarifies.

Best Willis
Le 23 août 2003

I am lookin for some good survival camps in Europe. I mean some really good survival camps in extreme conditions. Im from Slovakia.


Le 28 août 2003
I know of Ray Mears in UK, www.raymears.com, but cannot cannot recommend it as I never went there myself, thoug most people that I know went seemed happy with it.
Le 13 novembre 2003

Just a question.... I have heard MANY people talk about carring "bulion cubes".

This is NOT a good idea unless you have an air tight container to hold them in !

Un here in Canuk land (NOrther Canada) Bulion cubes are kinda one of our "baits" for bears.

In Vancover Is if you dont like your neighbor, you throw bulion cubes in his/her back yard on a rainy day to....gather every criter in darn nation in his/her back yard.

Also for hunters in bear country...cary bear spray...bears love the stuff and are atacted to it like bacon. just sprey the area you whant a bear in...an whala a bear.

For dear hunters, if skunked use a chain saw. Motor noinses attract moose, elk, and dear. No clue on antalopes, I dont hunt them.

Le 8 janvier 2005


My name is Don, I’m 51 years old, a former Royal Marine in the 70s and 80s and a forest ranger in the UK for the last 20 years.

I have recently discovered your website and I like a great many of your articles, they are often imformative and potentially useful. "Knowledge" is always the key in the wild. The more you know, the more straight-forward life becomes. Gadgets and gizmos are ok, but are no substitute for knowledge and experience. Don’t ever place yourself in a situation where your life may depend on a gadget !

I’m a great believer in the old adage...."The more you carry in your head, the less you need to carry on your back !". Learn EVERYTHING you can and PRACTISE techniques such as fire-lighting, shelter-building and food preparation in your own back garden BEFORE you set off on your exploits ! GOOD NAVIGATION is usually the way to happy outcomes, so become a navigation expert. Do a course and then another course. Eat, sleep and breathe direction, intersection and resection. Half way up a Scottish mountain in January in a gale-force 7 is not the time to discover your shortcomings ! I’ve heard too many stories told by Mountain Rescuers about wilderness "enthusiasts" who over-reach their abilities with often tragic results ; so KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS !

My Dad was a gamekeeper in the late 40s, 50s and 60s....the old-fashioned type whose heart beat to the rhythm of the land. His basic philosophy was that "simple is best". He would have been much bemused by our modern over-complicated world wherein todays’ gamekeepers are little more than college-taught, landowner-lackies who seem not to have his "feel" for the land. He would have applauded the huge increase in interest for wild places by people from all walks of life, but would have been horrified at the lack of survival know-how and general unpreparedness of so many who travel off the beaten track !

Keep on going,


Le 20 février 2008

Attention Andy,

The use of "weaponry" is a very logical and pragmatic way to gain protein in the wilderness. Furthermore, I live in an area where bears, wolves, coyotes, and other "would be" dangerous animals also live. I am very experienced with surviving the outdoors in my home environment, and I believe that the articles posted on this site are relevant to most of the guys reading this stuff. Perhaps you should try staying 3 nights in the northeastern US with just your Swiss army knife. I think if you did, you would probably find some unusual pudding-like substance in your underpants !

To the authors of all current articles : Thank you for your contributions to this plethora of bushcraft information. Without you guys, people like Andy, would not have a chance surviving the wilderness.

Mark USA

Le 1er juillet 2008
Don’t forget the Rattlers, and the copperheads :P although we generally take care of those with shovels here in Penn’s Woods. Guns are a nessessity here if you plan on being in the woods.

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