Edged tools

You will find in this section information about knives, machetes, hatchets and any other cutting tools.

Edged tools are one of the first need for people going into the wilderness. For this reason, and also due to the interest it receives, as well as our own passion, we have extracted the section from Gear reviews and tests and made it a main section, where you will find reviews, articles about makers, guides, and some skills aquisition instructions.

Some Do It Yourself related information can be found in DYI, Making things..

We have also cut the main section in multiple subsection for each type of edged equipment.

We highly recommend you to start with generic articles like :

Wilderness Edged Wood Cutting Tools.

Sharpening experiences

Handling and working with knives, big blades, axes and hatchets.

and also the excellent

Wikipedia Knife article


Liens externes et feeds

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DICK GmbH - Fine Woodworking Tools This online shop features an excellent selection of Japanese and other high-quality hand tools for woodworking. Includes Gransfors Bruks axes and hatchets, japanese layered axes, hatchets, knives, the unequaled japanese waterstones, artificial and natural, for sharpening, japanese saws, carving knives, etc, etc. Mainly for EU residents.
Frosts Knivfabrik Ab Knives from Mora, Sweden.
Gränsfors Bruks AB Gränsfors Bruks AB, Swedish quality axes manufacturer.
H.Roselli H.Roselli, maker of fine puukkos.
Helle fabrikker Helle knives, maker of laminated stainless steel puukkos.
Himalayan Imports (Nepal khukuri) Hand-Crafted Nepali khukuris (Gurkha knives), kukri, khukuri, katar, swords and other knives & blades
Iisakki puukko Iisakki Jarvenpaa, inexpensive Finnish puukkos.
J.Marttiini Marttiini Finnish puukkos.
K J Eriksson Ab K J ERIKSSON AB - We manufacture a wide range of knives. The second Mora maker.
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Ragweed Forge Wide variety of traditional knives ranging from puukos and Moras to American trade knives and a good selection of axes.
Scott Cook Custom Knives Scott Cook Knives is dedicated to building hand crafted knives. Each knife that Scott creates has a unique artistic appeal and superior fit and finish. SCK maintains the highest standards, uses the finest materials and provides excellent customer service Scott Cook Knives 8152 S Obadiah Lane Meridian, ID 83642 (208) 898-9745 Scott@ScottCookKnives.com www.ScottCookKnives.com
Steve’s Knife Sharpening Site Interesting sharpening site, specifically for the grit equivalence table, an speed of sharpening graph.
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Valiant Co. Homepage traditional, native, exotic, tribal blades and weapons, swords, dagger, machete, golok, parang, pedang, klewang, mandau, keris, kris, badik, wedung, kujang, kudi, rencong, talibon, barong, bolo, kampilan, kukri, kopis
World Knife Database Worldwide knives, knifemakers, and retailers database
primitivepoint blacksmithing and bladesmithing  An excellent Blog exploring "primitive" forging.

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