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As we are a free magazine, it is only fair that we have a free ebook section.

This section contains free online books and downloads.

The online books are found as sub-sections, The free ebooks as articles or links to other sites.

Feel free to propose new links or ebooks by entering a comment to this section.


Liens externes et feeds

An Ax to Grind : A Practical Ax Manual An axe to grind, excellent online book on axes.
BushcraftUK - Great Downloads Downloads, Free ebooks from BushcraftUK. » outdoor living » the 10 bushcraft books A very nice Australian online bushcraft book.
Map Reading - A Free e-book on how to read topographic maps and use a compass A free online e-book on map reading and land navigation. It covers how to read a map and how to use a compass. Based on US Army training manuals.
The Finer Edge The Finer Edge, The #1 Free Digital Knife Magazine.

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