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van vanderschuit
Le 21 août 2004
I have 2 Norlunds ; one a hatchet (tommyhawk). I’d call it a shingle hatchet. The other has the same head as the one in your display (small axe). Their handles are OK, but a bit dry and weathered. The fellow who owned them died at the age of 90 and he was an adivd outdoorsman here in the E.Sierra. They are both FOR SALE.
Le 2 mars 2005
I am finding information about competition (Racing) axes such as Keestel, Ox-head... If anyone knows where.
Wayne D
Le 19 septembre 2005

interesting review. I have just bought the Wetterling small hunting axe from Jack , and it works very nicely for limbing up to about 4 " and quite happily works with 8" diameter logs ; it also is pretty good in close grip for working wood.

A little axe that I think you should have a look at if you can get hold of one, it bridges the small axe gap quite nicely

Le 5 mars 2007
Does anyone know of a U.S. distributor for Bahco ? I have noticed a wicked-fine French Hatchet, made by them, but try finding a sellor.
Le 30 janvier 2008

How do I insert a photograph ?

I have an unusual but efficient tool used by the Unites States Forest Service, called a Swedish Axe, that I would like to share with readers. It is perfect for cutting brush and small trees at or slightly below ground level as in clearing trails or cleaning up camp sites.

I got onto this "axe"...(uses a replaceable blade) when my fly fishing club was assisting the Forest Service with a trail project.

Le 30 janvier 2008
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Le 29 février 2008

I recently purchased the Wetterlings Felling Axe...about $52 US Dollars, including shipping from Wiseman’s Trading Co.

I Immediately took it out in the woods for a quick test run. In 45 to 60 seconds, I felled a 6" Black Locust (very tough wood), taking out large, satisfying chips.

I would have to say that although the finish on the handle is not as nice as a Gransfors, the axe is comparable in all other respects, at half the price.

According to Wetterlings website, they have actually been making hand-forged axes a bit longer than Gransfors (both over 100 years). Since both factories use the same methods, very similar, or possibly the same steels, and both are small companies in Sweden, production costs have to be comparable. I have come to believe that Gransfors is trading on it’s name to justify it’s much higher retail prices here in the US.


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