Emergency and survival

To discuss first aid, emergency kits, survival kits, defense weapons, signalling devices, etc...

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Darren Williams
Le 5 octobre 2005
Can you please tell me if/where I can buy a bright Orange poncho that doubles a a basha ? I think this is a vital bit of kit but I cant find any. I am planning a 177mile walk within the next few months but without it Im doubtfull of being able to start.
Le 22 octobre 2005
I haven’t seen any orange poncho’s around. Why are you doubtful that you can start without it ? Are you thinking of using it as a location aid aswell as a shelter ? It is a good idea : especially if someone made a reversible one for that very purpose. A foil emergency blanket could be used as a location aid instead.
Chris Kavanaugh
Le 27 juillet 2007
http://jerven-com.secure.flexiweb.no/ The Fjellduken is a popular european piece of gear and available in international orange. They are pricey, and a few years ago my attempts to acquire one for testing met with silence. It looks like they are takinig online orders now.
Le 27 juillet 2007

Hello Chris,

Helsport makes a fjellduk too. pro or extreme http://www.au-vieux-campeur.fr/gp/a...

Then indeed there is the Bivanorak, tested here, and a whole range of tarp poncho, ferrino, TasmanianTigers (tatonka), Expe, and about the same idea ; there is the GateWood cape : http://www.sixmoondesigns.com/shop/...


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