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Le 18 janvier 2008

Great site, but impossible to find out how to contact you... !

I am a French translator and would be pleased to contribute to the French translation of articles/content. How to proceed ?

Thank you,


Le 19 janvier 2008
Thanks, you’ll need to register to the "publication area" in order to do this. There is a link for each article there.
Mrs. Gunning
Le 17 juin 2008

I tried to post earlier, but am unsure if it sent. I was wondering, since I noticed the link to it here, if you know anything about what happened to deliberatelife.com ? I love it, and linked to it at my blog. I was sad to see it gone the other day (more like a few weeks ago !), and refuse to take the link off my blog until I find out what’s going on with the site. I hope it stays up, I LOVED it, so full of information. I found it by doing a search for alternatives to toilet paper and found so much more ! Also, if you are the owner of said site, can you please tell me the name of the book that all that information came from, I really want to get a copy of it ! Thank you for your time.
 Mrs. Gunning


Le site est affiché en français avec ses sections françaises seulement, sachez qu’il existe cependant beaucoup à découvrir dans la version Anglaise.

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