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Le 11 octobre 2008
Bahco Laplander VS Silky Oyakata Saws

Anyone know if you can buy this saw in the U.S. ? I have tried online but they seem to only be availabel in Europe. I just want to save on shipping.
Le 11 octobre 2008
Fire making as rain starts

What happened to only taking materials for fire from standing dead trees. You have only mentioned using live trees which is wrong and a very bad example !
Le 10 octobre 2008
Spoon Carving Tutorial


Many thanks ! I am glad you enjoyed the article. I enjoyed writing it as well.


Le 8 octobre 2008
Spoon Carving Tutorial

For those who are just starting out into scandi carving techniques, this has got to be the easiest most well versed article to get them going in the right direction ! Kudos ! :-D
Le 7 octobre 2008
Bahco Laplander VS Silky Oyakata Saws

where do i buy this package online ? i have looked every where for it ! i cant seem to find it
Le 7 octobre 2008
Casio PRG50 Titane Pro Trek Watch,

Hi. I own the PRG60. The CTL1616 went dead two years back. As the CTL1616 was difficult to purchase from the local store, I changed it with non rechargable CL1616. The watch functioned well until the CL1616 ran out of battery last month. After installing a new battery, the watch doesn’t work anymore ! It can’t even be set( even though the digital display and analog hands still run). Only just recently that I discovered that the CL1616 is 3V whereas the CTL1616 is 2.3V !! What should be done ? Please help.
Le 6 octobre 2008
Affilage, aiguisage et affûtage des couteaux

merci pour vos excellentes informations ! je vais essayer d’en faire bon profit Salutations
Le 5 octobre 2008
Fat and resinous wood

Nice article. I didn’t know it was called fat wood. I use this often as well, it’s fantastic for lighting fires indeed. I definately appreciate this in the winter, a lot of resinous wood makes it easy to light a fire. I almost always use birchbark.

Nice pictures !

— Gunnar

Le 4 octobre 2008
Peyo Revolution Stove

do you have to put three small holes in top — this is not clear otherwise how do you put fuel in
Le 4 octobre 2008

sure thing- that would make a cool wallet or sheath cover- good thinking !

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