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Walking and hiking - World’s largest trail database

http://www.hejoly.demon.nl/, dans Skills and guides
Hikes, Walks and trails on the Internet - searchable database - two thousand plus trails

Walking staff related links

http://members.shaw.ca/wwseb/article (...), dans Skills and guides
A good site on making/using a walking stick/staff


http://www.wetterlings.com, dans Axes and hatchets
The Wetterlings axes manufacturer site.

Wilderness Awareness School’s Nature Talk :: Index

http://naturetalk.net, dans Ecology
Discuss nature, tracking, primitive skills, bird language, mentoring and Kamana...

Wilderness Survival

http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure (...), dans Bushcraft and Survival
Good reading in the Basic Survival, Travel, Food & Water, First Aid & Health links.

Wilderness Survival : Free info covering all aspects of survival.

http://www.wilderness-survival.net/, dans Bushcraft and Survival
A handbook for Wilderness Survival. Diagrams, Pictures, Tips, Tricks, Explanations, and Information

World Knife Database

http://www.worldknifedb.net, dans Edged tools
Worldwide knives, knifemakers, and retailers database


Zen Seeker’s Zen Stoves - Zen Backpacking Stove Home Page

http://zenstoves.net/, dans Bivouac
The best site on backpacking stoves on the net. Wood, alcool, DIY, and much more, an excellent site !


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