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Primal Fires @ www.ezboard.com

http://pub88.ezboard.com/btheneotrib (...), dans Bushcraft and Survival
Unplugged Bladesmithing, Primal Living, Muscle Powered Metalsmithing, Join the Forums of Lost Arts !


Ragweed Forge

http://www.ragweedforge.com/, dans Edged tools
Wide variety of traditional knives ranging from puukos and Moras to American trade knives and a good selection of axes.

Randall’s Adventure & Training

http://www.jungletraining.com/, dans Skills and guides
Jungle expeditions and survival training. " Going where others dare to travel." We are the experts when it comes to tropical terrain.


Scott Cook Custom Knives

http://www.scottcookknives.com/, dans Edged tools
Scott Cook Knives is dedicated to building hand crafted knives. Each knife that Scott creates has a unique artistic appeal and superior fit and finish. SCK maintains the highest standards, uses the finest materials and provides excellent customer service Scott Cook Knives 8152 S Obadiah Lane Meridian, ID 83642 (208) 898-9745 Scott@ScottCookKnives.com www.ScottCookKnives.com


http://solotripping.com/, dans Blog : Adventures, stories
An amazing community of adventurers who love to explore the backcountry on their own.

Stalking The Wild...

http://www.stalkingthewild.com/, dans Library
An on line and print magazine geared towards those in the adventure loving outdoor community.

Steve’s Knife Sharpening Site

http://users.ameritech.net/knives/in (...), dans Edged tools
Interesting sharpening site, specifically for the grit equivalence table, an speed of sharpening graph.

Stone Age Technology, Traditional Skills, and Hand-Made Tools

http://www.primitiveways.com/, dans Bushcraft and Survival
Primitive Survival Skills, Stone Age Technology, Friends of the Society of Primitive Technology, Workshops and Classes, Anthropology, Archaeology, Artifact Replication.

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