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Krill Products - Kriana Corporation

http://www.kriana.com/products.html, dans Bivouac
The Krill Lamp and other electroluminescent technologies developed by Kriana Corporation are lighting the way to the future. Visit out site to see how our technology is replacing disposable light sticks, protecting the environment, and saving the consumer money.


Map Reading - A Free e-book on how to read topographic maps and use a compass

http://www.map-reading.com/intro.php (...), dans Free Books
A free online e-book on map reading and land navigation. It covers how to read a map and how to use a compass. Based on US Army training manuals.

MesserForum.net Diskussions Forum für den Messerffreund..

http://www.messerforum.net/, dans Edged tools
Das deutschsprachige Diskussions Forum über Messer aller Art. German speaking language knives forums.



http://www.opinel.fr/, dans Edged tools
Opinel’s official site, products, history, making...

OldJimbo Survival pages

http://www.oldjimbo.com/survival/, dans Bushcraft and Survival
Axes, hatchets, fire starters, etc... By OldJimbo. Partly mirrored here. Ecellent information.

Optimus International

http://www.optimus.se/products/, dans Bivouac
Optimus of Sweden has manufactured powerful and reliable household, hiking, marine and expedition stoves for liquid fuels since 1899.

Outdoor Resources Online

http://www.outdoor-resources.com/, dans Skills and guides
Outdoor Recreation Related Web Site Directory


PALights Flashlight with LED Technology

https://www.palights.com, dans Bivouac
PALights of Sarasota Florida. The world’s leader in PALight torches with the latest in LED technology.


http://www.petzl.com, dans Bivouac
Makers of climbing, mountaineering, speleology gears, and more.

Plainsman’s Cabin

http://www.stormloader.com/plainsman (...), dans Skills and guides
A website for outdoors enthusiasts and survivalists.

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