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Commercially Available Individual Water Purifiers

http://usachppm.apgea.army.mil/WPD/C (...), dans Bivouac
An excellent comparison of most existing individual water purification systems.


http://www.couplan.com/, dans Bushcraft and Survival
Stages de plantes sauvages comestibles et médicinales dans la nature, livres, survie douce. Wild plants and soft survival trainings in France, books.


DICK GmbH - Fine Woodworking Tools

http://www.dick.biz, dans Edged tools
This online shop features an excellent selection of Japanese and other high-quality hand tools for woodworking. Includes Gransfors Bruks axes and hatchets, japanese layered axes, hatchets, knives, the unequaled japanese waterstones, artificial and natural, for sharpening, japanese saws, carving knives, etc, etc. Mainly for EU residents.

Dances with Marmots - A Pacific Crest Trail Adventure

http://www.angelfire.com/trek/nz_usa (...), dans Library
Entertaining account of a New Zealander’s solo thru-hike of the PCT from Mexico to Canada.

Daypacks - Outdoors Daypack Reviews

http://www.oegmag.com/daypacks.asp, dans Gear reviews and tests
Daypacks - Outdoor Gear and Product Reviews. Everything daypack related.

Deliberate Life : Do Things Different.

http://www.deliberatelife.com, dans Bushcraft and Survival
Have a look to this excellent site. A mine of ressources for survival, bushcraft and self sufficiency.

Deliberate Life : homesteading, survival and voluntary simplicity - Home

http://www.deliberatelife.com, dans Skills and guides
Homesteading, country living, survival, the simple life, organic news and more.


Equipped to Survive

http://www.equipped.org, dans Bushcraft and Survival
Musings from Doug Ritter, editor of Equipped To Survive®

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