US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76

This is a complete online version of the US army FM 21-76 survival manual.

This is a manual targeted at soldiers, but a lot of information it contains is very relevant for civilians. It has the merit of existing, it is up to date, and talks about subjects in a no non-sense, pratical way. Its content has been field tested for years, and is therefore much more to be trusted than the writing of a single author.

We provide it as it is, just translated to html media, up to you to find what is of use or not. It does make a good base to start reading about survival and basic outdoor survival skills. If there are parts you do not agree, we recommend you to use the comment feature available for each chapter, so that everybody can benefit of them.

It is made of 23 chapters and 7 appendixes (we dropped the 8th appendix, irrelevant to non US troops persons).

Remember that the survival priorities of civilians may differ from those of a soldier in enemy territory.

We also have a pdf version :

PDF - 2.7 Mo
Fm 21-76
Survival Manual
PDF - 2.9 Mo
Fm 21-76-1
Evasion, Survival and Recovery

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Le 30 septembre 2005
There is a typo in first paragraph ’enemy’ not ’ennemy’ territory.... Although I’d rather have the FM 21-76 Manual in my backpack rather than a dictionary when I need to survive from the enemy- unless I need it to start a fire..
Proud to be in the USA - A nation of all people.
Le 14 décembre 2005

Thank you for hosting the above FM(s) in a ONE FILE FORMAT, instead of how most sites do (Separate chapters)

PS : To the above poster (Marv ). when you’re writing up thousand upon thousands of pages it’s easy to get a typo :-)

Regardless, Kudo’s once again for hosting FM 21-76 in the one file format !!!!

It is GREATLY appreciated !

Le 1er août 2007
This is great but I dont like sitting at the comp for hours reading. Where can I buy one that I can take with me.
Le 1er août 2007
Obtain the pdf version on this site and print it ( please use recto-verso, minimum two pages per face ). ?
Le 17 juin 2008
Exelent material for outdoor.- Thanks from Chile, South America.- Hector.-

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