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You will find in this section information about outdoors activities, sports, and skills and related knowledge, including survival, hiking, trek, links... Skills and equipment being sometimes very closely related, it is often difficult to decide where to put an article, but we have tried to isolate the skills in this section.

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Liens externes et feeds

Animated Knots by Grog Knot-Tying for Boating, Climbing, Fishing, Scouting, and Arborists
Deliberate Life : homesteading, survival and voluntary simplicity - Home Homesteading, country living, survival, the simple life, organic news and more.
Folding Kayak Builders Manual - Homebuilt Folding Kayaks by Thomas Yost

Free instrucions and plans, easy to build - homebuilt folding kayak designs.

This is really a great site, for anybody willing to make his own kayak !

Henriette’s herbal medicine pages A good site for medicinal information on plants.
Outdoor Resources Online Outdoor Recreation Related Web Site Directory
Plainsman’s Cabin A website for outdoors enthusiasts and survivalists.
Randall’s Adventure & Training Jungle expeditions and survival training. " Going where others dare to travel." We are the experts when it comes to tropical terrain.
Walking and hiking - World’s largest trail database Hikes, Walks and trails on the Internet - searchable database - two thousand plus trails
Walking staff related links A good site on making/using a walking stick/staff

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