Le 19 novembre 2008, par James, has been on the web from october 2003 to october 2008. It operated as from 2001 to 2003. In 2008 it stopped because it was too much work and hassle to run for an amateur webmaster and only one life to live. RIP and special thanks to all who made it, and for the good time we had ! OM does not operate anymore, this is a static archive cleansed from CPU consuming operations and not indexed by external search engines.


This server now provides and archive view of OM. It’s cost is null, so it will serve as archives.

Forums are also archived, if you follow the links.

PDF archives

Zip file containing all articles and free books in PDF format (262 Mib)

Individual files for all articles and free books in PDF format

Post-Scriptum :

This archive and the old site have nothing in common with whoever may own or operate after October 2008, as the domain was released by us.

par James,