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Le 14 septembre 2008, par jables,

Creek Fishin Shenanigans

It started as a hot humid day and became even more hotter an humider. My obsession with the brown beast is growing with every cast and my dream to tame the monstrosity will be revealed forthwith.

Naw- Just kidding I ain’t no kind of fancified writer- here is what really happend.

Went fishing the other day with a buddy down at the local creek. We caught rock bass, saugeye and little smallmouth bass. None of the fish were of much size- but they were fun on light tackle. It was getting late and our provisions (beer and beans) were running low. That is when he saw what appeared to be a small log sitting in the middle of the creek. He cast the plug in it’s general direction, and it made a wake swimming over to check it out. It slashed at the plug and put up a great fight- nothing fancy- just plain old fun.

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Gar On !

Gar On !

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Measurin’ Time

Measurin’ Time

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Call me Fishmael

Call me Fishmael

par jables,



Le 19 septembre 2008
cool jables ! did you keep it ?
Le 21 septembre 2008
nah- i threw it back to hopefully fight it another day. any good fishing in your neck of the woods ?
Le 21 septembre 2008

yea, i have a few good fishin holes around here. never caught a gar though.

next time you catch a big one, can you hook me up with some skins ?

Le 4 octobre 2008
sure thing- that would make a cool wallet or sheath cover- good thinking !