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Le 16 décembre 2005, par James,

This site presents articles and discussions on outdoors matters. It has no commercial activity of any kind, and is only there to propagate information, and allow interactions between people which share the same passions.

It is animated by benevolent people, and the result is a common effort from a lot of them, in the simple spirit of sharing knowledge.

Outdoors-Magazine.com is Free in many ways. Free from the money scheme, Free to be what you want it to be, Free from advertising, Free from marketing.

We believe knowledge should be free, and this is what we provide. in opposite to commercial products we also think that free does not mean low quality, so we also try to provide good and accurate information, and count on YOU to correct us when you think we are wrong.

This site is composed from two parts : the magazine (here) and the bulletin board. Both parts have different rules.

Anybody can participate to the life of the site, provided the rules here stated are respected.


So please do not send email asking for the price of this or this, we cannot answer.

We also do not know were to find such or such item in such country, we cannot answer.

We do not sell anything. We also do not buy anything.

We are under a .com domain because the .net domain was already taken.

We are independent and free of marketing, and proud of it !

Becoming an author

Registration is needed in order to be able to submit articles. Authors are not paid, nor are editors, we are not a commercial entity, and make no money from the material we publish.


Adding comments to articles is moderated and subject to approval before publication. This moderation is there to only enforce the present rules, and avoid noise and trolls, constructive criticism is welcomed, preferred, and expected.


Reading is free and unrestricted.


We are committed to honesty in our articles, and will not submit to hype, marketing, or advertising. We base our discussions and articles on practice and real life tests as much as possible, and not theory or marketing. This is resumed as : No bullshit, no hype, no advertising !


We will not answer to reciprocal directory linking expectation. You like us, fine link to us, we like you, we link to you, but we do not automatically reciprocate. If you need you have a site of interest for us, submit it to the right section using the right panel section, we will have a look, and may accept it.

Spamming is the action of using internet to do advertising promotion, either by email or by posting in forums.

We hate spam and provide a way to avoid publishing email addresses. People will still be able to send emails to authors through the magazine, but the addresses will never be disclosed.

Content of articles

Commercial, political, religious, racial or philosophical subjects or discussions will be moderated and rejected, their authors radiated and their material removed, without warning


All magazine information is the property of their respective authors. By submitting information to us, the authors mandates us to publish this information for as long as the site exists, unless they expressively ask for removal, if we agree to such action.

We work under a Creative Commons License :

Creative Commons License
All the content of this site by Outdoors-magazine.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK : England & Wales License.

Additional Conditions : Information can be reproduced and used for non commercial purposes, as long as the Author and First Publisher’s (Outdoors-Magazine.com) names are cited with the information with a link to the original article in Outdoors-Magazine.com. Modified content will have to be publicated on a public space.

For commercial purposes, it cannot be reproduced without the author explicit consent, and the editor and publisher (us) consent for material that we own (logos, images).

Please, print only what you need, using the print button pre-formatting (in the right columns of articles), and try to save paper by using a recto-verso mode with more than one page per face.


All information entered on this site is subject to moderation and acceptance, including articles, forum entries and comments.

We reserve our right to radiate or ban any contributor which does not follow the rules or negatively impact the site’s reputation. We reserve our right to block or reject access from any external referrer that we estimate do not follow the principles exposed in this page, or that we estimate may have a negative impact on this site’s reputation.

Responsibility and related Disclamers

We or our authors CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE and will NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY regarding any possible injuries, damages, accidents, violences, deaths, legal pursuits, or any problem that may or may not happen as a result of, or consecutively to reading the material contained on this site. Readers (or their legal tutors in the case of minors) are considered as fully responsible of their own behavior, and of the behavior of people under their responsability, and are incitated to follow the relevant rules and laws applicable in effect in their Countries, Regions, States, Localities, Religion or Societies.

We CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE and will NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY regarding the content of this site, though we will try to maintain it within the limits of the rules here stated.

Use caution, some of the things we do here are dangerous. We do them, it does not mean you can or must.

We wish you a good time on this site and sincerely hope you will help us make it better in becoming one of us, either through the forums or magazine.

Additional rules

Bulletin board rules

par James,



Franklin Toker
Le 10 juin 2008
I wish to submit a short illustrated (copyright-free) article on biking the Pittsburgh to Washington trail and canal towpath, in the spirit of "If I could do this, you can do this."
Le 12 juin 2008
Hello, with pleasure, just register in the private area, read the guidellines,and submit the article.
Rod MacIver
Le 14 juillet 2008


I’m a nature artist. A nonprofit I founded has reprinted several wilderness classics, most of them originally published in the 1930 and 1940s (Sleeping Island, True North, A Death on the Barrens, Black Spruce Journals, Forest Under My Fingernails).

Is it appropriate for us to post reviews or summaries of these books on your site ? They are sold through our own website, herondance.com, Ingram, bookstores, outdoor outfitters, etc.

Le 17 juillet 2008


Yes, reviews are appropriate, as long as they stay reasonably objective and do not turn into advertising.

Best regards..