Make your own First aid Kit

Le 11 août 2005, par James,

Build your own first aid kit.

Here is a view into my own personal first aid kit. It is more than just a first aid kit, and takes the word "aid" in the largest term, as it is packed with also survival and repair material.

The base is a commercial Deuter first aid kit. It is a solid kit already, but misses some things, and had a few useless others. Advantage : it is red and it is easy to understand that it is a first aid kit.

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First aid kit
A glow ring attached for quick retrieval.

As I said it is more than a first aid kit. I wanted it to provide me, and my kids with first aid, general medicine, kit repair, and longer term health. Basically, something that you tuck into your bag and KNOW you will use as soon you move to another place, camping, hiking, hotel whatever...

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Signalling instructions
Always good to have these somewhere, well, here they are, part of the pack.
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The insides
The insides

So basically, you see 3 main sections coming, first aid, , repair, survival

First aid Basic, but still complete.

  • Sterile band
  • Sterile elastic band
  • Triangular band
  • Antiseptic throwable towels
  • Antiseptic calendula towels
  • Knife (to cut fabrics)
  • Superglue (to treat small cuts and blisters)
  • Bush tea tree oil, a strong antisceptic, antifungus, and antiviral.
  • Helichryse oil, the most efficient tissue repair chemical I know, but it must be applied asap. Works amazingly for burns, cuts, bruises.
  • Green bitter orange oil, a sedative and relaxant.
  • Dessings of all sorts, including waterproof.
  • Sterile dressings.
  • Tweezers.
  • Micropure (as an antisceptic)
  • Sterile Rubber gloves.
  • Medicinal tape.
  • Paracetamol. Sometimes I just do not carry any.

You will note the use of superglue as a first aid item. It does great for blister and small cuts. Also note the use of essential oils (learn more about them in the Aromatherapy approach).

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Right part details.

Repair Basic, but does most needs.

  • Swiss knife
  • Superglue (yep, it repairs everything !)
  • Small band of thermoplastic
  • Duck tape.
  • elastic band.
  • Sewing kit, includes some cord, fishing braid, heavy and thin wire. To keep the needles, empty a string of paracord, burn the end, and tuck the needles inside. Roll the string arround.
  • Diamond sharpening card, carbide sharpener.

Please remember, this is my field kit, so I need to sharpen a knife, sew, glue, replace broken parts. Elsewhere, I have a leatherman wave, that contains the missing tools from here, and a fixed blade.

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Left part details.

Survival Sort of, at least my own definition, adapted to my country and my needs.

  • Red bic lighter, because it is faster !
  • Swedish firesteel and scraper.
  • Sealed container packed with oiled cotton and wetfire tinder
  • Esbit fuel, because there are time you just want to light it fast, or there is no fuel arround.
  • Micro pure to disinfect, but also preserve water.
  • Pastic bags, to gather food, transport liquids.
  • Survival blanket, which also serves as a signalling mean.
  • Whistle.
  • Green photon light, provides a good light for a goot time, and has many modes.
  • Green glowring, attach it to things in the dark to find em back.
  • Contact lenses. Well, I am short sighted, these help.
  • Bush tea tree oil, as a long term medicine, treats feet fungus, etc...

Some more items could be added, compass (sometimes I carry it, sometimes not, at the moment, my watch is a compass), fishing kit, potassium permanganate, etc...

Again, a leatherman wave and a small FB are generally in my packs.

But the list is not finished, whatever you do, you must think about what you may need, and add or remove stuff. Also things get outdated easily.

I since reorganized things slightly, and made this :

New Kit
New Kit
Contains less first-aid, and more survival equipment.
Closed box
Closed box
This is an otter box 2000

It contains :

  • 2 congelation bags
  • 20 micropur tabs for water purification
  • plasters of all sizes, steristrip
  • salts for diarhea
  • cyanoacrylate glue
  • a selection of essential oils for emergencies, including antisceptic, antiviral, antifungus, antihistaminic, treatment of wounds and traumatisms, bug repellent. [1]
    - a fire steel, and wet-tinder
    - a SAS wiresaw
    - Potassium Permanganate
    - a little thin swiss knife with two blades.
    - a tungsten carbide sharpener, which also throws HUGE sparks on the firesteel.
    - 2 m duct tape rolled on a piece of thermoplastic.
    - fishing line, small hooks, small leds, brass wire.
    - threaded fishing line, thread, needle, safety pins.
    - storm matches.
    - a photon led light
    - a wistle
    - a button compass
    - two contact lenses

It contains most of the items I use often, plus a little safety or survival equipment. I double it with a first aid kit when needed.

These are just ideas, do not copy me, adapt your kit to your needs.

Notes :

[1] please check the essential oils article in the health section

par James,


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ivan stoyanov
Le 30 mars 2006

Great Job !

Very deatiled and well presented ! compact, funcional, Congratulations !


Le 11 juillet 2006

well-presented, helpful, concise

thank you