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Le 18 juillet 2008, par sweeper

I’ve used this parang in the outdoors for 4 years, at least, and I want to share my opinions with you.

Ralph Martindale’s Paratrooper parang can be viewed as an system, not just a blade. It have many clever features, but have some drawbacks too. It’s composed by three components : the knife, the sheath and the file.

The knife :

As you see, it’s a classical parang blade. Larger on front, the "sweet spot" allow you to cut wooden material with a relative speed. It will require a pretty good amount of experience to get best results, but once mastered, this blade it’s amazing.

The front part of blade has a edge on superior part. Used reversed, that parang will be transformed in a "short bladed" golok, allowing to cut very fast, very powerful the wood. The amount of weight which can be applied with this stroke is amazing. I think it’s a very clever feature. The drawback of the blade is the edge retention is not very good and will require a fairy often resharpening.

The handle is very comfortable on hand, both ways. Seems to be right on my hand’s "size", it can be used very long without muscle strain. The "reverse grip" is a little weird, but once you try it it’s coming natural to hand.

It has a lanyard hole, and I use it, because I want to use safely my tools.

The sheath :

Made from heavy canvas, with a leather collar, the Paratrooper’s sheath is very well done. In the front it has a pocket for the included sharpening file, and in the back is a loop for wearing. The thread used for stitching the loop was not very good, and I’ve been forced to remake the stitch using paracord inner thread. I use to secure the file with a lanyard and a metallic clip by the loop.

The file :

The included file is very good. You can put with this file a good edge on the blade in less than 3 minutes. It’s a light and small file and it won’t impede any use of the knife.

Finally, I think Martindale’s Paratrooper it’s a good addition in any kit. Using and owning this blade is worthwile. It’s a very good blade, and it’s drawbacks are easily overwhelmed by it’s qualities.

par sweeper


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Le 28 septembre 2008
I was always wondering why it had the back edge... I thought it was for some ’Combat’ reason, but now I am going to have to go and try it reversed, as I have been a BIG fan of Goloks for years !

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