Gardener’s Saw

Le 13 juillet 2002, par James

A light, cheap, and very efficient saw.

I often hear about big blades, hatchets, axes, but rarely about saws :

By example, this is a 160 grams, 20cm (8"), 10 US$, carbon steel saw, with a blade lock, and rubbery handle cover, sold as garden saw.

I cut a 4x2" pine wood in two in 30 to 60 seconds with it. I doubt one can do faster by whacking ! (it is also the best wood-cutting saw I have ever owned, due to the fine, sharp and deep teeth)

Here it is near my Soldier SAK




I have used it on many occasions outdoors, camping, or when a big blade is not "politically correct", and I am quite happy about it.

These saws are generally Japanese made, and show teeth that are designed to cut wood across the fibers (cross-cut teeth) and only on pulling. This way, the blade can be maintained very thin, as there is no chance to warp it or break it when pushing.

Opinel does some similar saws, with the same cross-cut teeth, one based on a #12 handle, and one definitively longer.

I also since bought this really big Japanese saw. Very impressive chrome plated replaceable blade. It is able to fell a quite big tree, or cut a quite big trunk effortlessly.


In conclusion :

These Japanese designed cross-cut saws are efficient, and pretty quick in cutting big pieces of wood.

Post-Scriptum :

Of similar price and interest is the Opinel saw.

par James

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