Buck Hartsook S30V Neck Knife Review

Le 6 mai 2008, par jables

A look at the Buck Hartsook S30V Neck Knife.

My initial impressions of this small, yet somewhat useful knife.

When I first saw this little knife on line it peaked my curiosity. I then saw one in my local knife shop, took a look at it and decided to buy one. To my suprise when I opened the box, the sheath was different than the display model that I looked at in the store. I will address that in a minute.

It is quite diminutive, the specs are as follows :
 Blade Steel : S30V
 Length Overall : 4 1/4" (10.8 cm.)
 Blade Length : 1 7/8" (4.8 cm.)
 Blade Shape : Talon
 Handle Material : S30V Steel with Black Oxide coating
 Carry System : Reinforced Molded Nylon
 Weight : .5 oz. (14.8 g.)

I like the skeletal design and I think that the ridges on the back may work well with a ferro rod. This is my first SV30V blade, so I am curious too see what type of sparks will be thrown. I tried the ridges on the spine first on a well used Doans Mag block with maybe one tiny spark. Maybe it is the black oxide coating ? I Wasn’t really expecting that. I then tried an EXTREMELY light pass with the sharpened edge with slightly better results. I then decided to risk dulling of the sharpened edge and increased the pressure and changed the angle. That gave me enough spark to start a lightly juiced pj cotton ball that had been thouroghly fluffed up- Better ! I think that because this blade is so DARN LIGHT- .5oz.- that it took a little extra elbow grease to get a good result. The edge did not seem to be any worse for wear.

Where it might be most useable, is for fine work. Here are some uses that I am going to look at that I think this blade may have good potential. I am going to test this later when my local creek warms up enough for me to go wading. Maybe it will go into my fishing kit.

 cleaning small fish- chubs, small bluegills and rockbass,crawdads.
 whittling small trap triggers.
 cleaning small game.

Edge retention on paper is good. It was nice and sharp out of the box.

Now to address the sheath change mentioned above. If you compare the two molded nylon sheaths in the two pictures, the difference is fairly apparent. The first version (top photo) with the split may have had some retention issues. The second photo, (mine) has no slit down the center and there is a plastic stud (removable-secured by a small phillips screw) to hold the top hole (and knife) securely in place. The small paracord lanyard can also be looped around your thumb for a more secure grip for fine work.

par jables



Le 28 juillet 2008
Nice knife. I carry the tool logic with the ferro rod. It has a whistle built in and the rod. Works extremely well lighting in cold (winter) weather and the blade is reasonable for most tasks. The blade works well for signalling. Try it and compare the two.
Le 19 août 2008
just a quick comment : "peaked" vs "piqued"
Le 25 août 2008
Thank you- I stand corrected. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/piqued

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