Bahco Laplander VS Silky Oyakata Saws

Le 21 octobre 2003, par James

A comparative of folding outdoor saws.

Saws are excellent tools for cutting wood in the wilderness. They are often faster, demand less effort, and are safer than chopping tools like axes.

I wanted to compare the Bahco laplander, the Silky Oyakata, and a no brand Japanese that would be equivalent in efficiency to an Opinel (already tested in Gardener’s Saw).

Here they are. From foreground to background, The Noname saw, the Silky Oyakata,noticeably longer, the Bahco Laplander.


The Silky Oyakata his the Japanese idea of a coarse folding cross-cut saw, it comes with Progression Tempered teeth, whose tips are tempered at 67 HRC, the blade is chromium plated for smoothness and resistance to rust. The head of the handle is made of casted aluminum, for duration, and the rest of the handle of hard rubbery plastic. It makes for a slightly heavy package, at 440 grams.

The Bahco Laplander has a blade coated in a non grip plastic coating (probably teflon-like), which also protects from rust. The handle is plastic, covered with a rubery substance, the weight is very low.

From the top. The order of blade thickness is Silky, the thickiest, followed by Bahco and Noname, but this is irrelevant, as we’ll see later.


Noname saw cut print.


Silky Oyakata saw cut print.


Bahco Laplander saw cut print.


Cutting small pine branch (2 1/2 to 3") shows Bahco and Silky winners to equality, the Noname slightly behind, but not useless. It takes 10 seconds to cut such branches.

Here they are again.


The teeth, Silky, Bahco, Noname.


The Bahco teeth are special, two long teeth straight , followed by one shorter tooth set to one side, followed by two long teeth, and another short tooth set the other side. You can see on the picture, the teeth that are set have lost the protective coating. The other saws are standard Japanese cross cut teeth, they are not set, but the blade is tapered toward the top. They only work on pulling.

Bigger trunk, the Bahco is like a chainsaw. Very quick and does not get stacked. it took me 2 around two minutes to cut this.


The Bahco definitively works pushing and pulling, While the Japanese type cuts only when pulling.

The Silky does OK, but care needs to be taken not to stack it. This took me around 3 minutes to cut, but I lost 40 seconds unstacking the saw.


The Silky lacks clearance, it is relatively easy to stack it. I prefer the Bahco for its overall ease of use.

The Silky really needs little power to go, as the chromium coated blade slices effortlessly, when the Bahco needs more effort, because it also works while pulling and pushing. So in the long term, you may do more work with the Silky.

The cuts from the Silky and Noname are carpentry grade, very smooth and neat. The cuts from the Bahco are coarser, which was expected with the teeth setting. Cant get every thing.

I then tried both saws in dried hard wood (prune), with the same overall results.

Last try, cutting with the fibers of the wood, the Japanese saws are near useless (cross cut saws), the Bahco does it OK.

Conclusion Big winner : Bahco Laplander, light and fast ! I love it. The best folding saw I have ever tested. I think it can saw bigger stuff than what can be done with the Silky, even if the blade is shorter.

Prices :

29 Euro for this Bahco Laplander pack :


The top class saw with a Frost mora clipper 12c27. The weight is great : 175 grams, and the length is 23 cm.

45 Euro for a Silky Oyakata. (but blades can be replaced.) Weights 440 grams for 27 cm.

Update 10-Mar-2004

I have since heavily used both saws to prune trees (olive and orange). While the Laplander is quite good in softwoods, but the Silky comes back on hard woods and big (> 4" or 10cm) branches which support a lot of weight, because it sticks less in that case (uncoated very smooth blade), and needs less effort to cut the branch, which when you do hundreds in the same day makes a difference.

I have also discovered what seems to be a laplander in different color (black handle, grayed epoxy blade), for 15 Euros.

par James



Le 2 décembre 2007
I have just bought a Laplander over Ebay. I am really looking forward to putting it to some field work (it hasn’t arrived yet), I’ve heard and read so much about it. Have you tried the Fiskars saws ? They come in two sizes and are fitted with a retractable/sliding blade. I own the larger version (the smaller one has a 15 cm blade) but I am really happy with it. Because I couldn’t buy the smaller version in Romania, the Laplander will probably accompany me more often in the field due to its more portable size. However, the Fiskars saws deserve a look, whether the large one or the shorter one.
Le 4 janvier 2008
does anybody know which site does these bahco frost sets
Le 25 juin 2008

Not too sure where you can find the sets but you can buy them separately over on the Woodlore site :

Laplander -

Mora Clipper -

Le 7 octobre 2008
where do i buy this package online ? i have looked every where for it ! i cant seem to find it
Le 11 octobre 2008
Anyone know if you can buy this saw in the U.S. ? I have tried online but they seem to only be availabel in Europe. I just want to save on shipping.

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