Bush Craft : Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival.
by Mors Kochansky

Le 19 août 2003, par James

Survival in northern sub-arctic forests. A best seller from this canadian author.


ISBN : 1551051222

This book focuses on sub-arctic forests survival, and living.

I found this book quite interesting, it spends some chapters, explaining how to use a small fixed blade for bushcrafting, as well as how to choose an axe, and how to use it properly, including securely felling trees.

A similar chapter is written on knives.

The fire and shelter chapter is very well documented, and can definitively turn useful.

It my prove difficult though for a lot of people to find a moose to skin and tan it’s hide :)

A book I recommend reading, again very different from the traditional "military survival" type of books, and rather about day to day life and ressources in sub-actic forests.

par James



Le 12 mars 2005
Where can I buy this book ? Amazon doesn’t have it.

Le site est affiché en français avec ses sections françaises seulement, sachez qu’il existe cependant beaucoup à découvrir dans la version Anglaise.

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