Back from 2 weeks itinerant camping with the kids

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Back from 2 weeks itinerant camping with the kids

New postby James on Mon 30 Jun 2008 19:01

Hi guys, I am just back from 2 weeks intinetant camping with my kids and wife, in corsica. We had excellent time :yup:

The planning is the following: No idea where you'll be camping tomorow. :wink2: :yup: :lmao:

I have a Van, So I left with something like:

2x 3 seconds tents, these superb tents that unfold and fold in seconds
5 summer sleeping bags, and some spare, just in case
5 inflatable thermarest or equivalent
gas heater, because no fire in corsica at that time
Sufficient number of dishes, and airproof plastic boxes, to make salads and so.
detergents for washing
water canteens and pouches, total: 28 litres in different recipients, if they are all filled (only used half)
a garden vaporiser containing 5 litres of water, extreremely useful to clean with a minimal amount of water, and to refresh the kids when it is 35 deg C
2/3 bushcraft knives
3 fast drying hiking towels
4 bodyboards
palms masks etc for everybody
hiking boots for everybody (slaps too !)
solar panel, cameras, GPS, cell phone.

My experience is that the simplest the best. More later...
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