Mini Nessmuk knife made by UK knifesmith friend

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Mini Nessmuk knife made by UK knifesmith friend

New postby bmatt on Sun 12 Oct 2008 15:43

My friend John in the UK just sent me a mini Nessmuk knife he made this summer. It's a fantastic little knife, small enough to be an EDC even though it's a fixed-blade. I reaaaaly like this knife.

The style is part Nessmuk, part John's own design. The blade was made from a power trimmer tool for landscaping and the handle scales are ovengkol (African walnut). The brass pins are 6 mm. Overall, the knife is about 5.5" - 6" long. John also made the sheath. He makes all different kinds of really cool knives, most of which you can see at in the knives, axes and swords section. His name there is Sticks65.

Just thought I'd share my one-of-a-kind knife with you guys. This link shows more info about it:
Nessie 1a.jpg
Nessie 1a.jpg (68.66 KiB) Viewed 320 times
Nessie 2a.jpg
Nessie 2a.jpg (61 KiB) Viewed 318 times

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