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Wetterlings Yankee axe

New postby Salmo on Mon 22 Sep 2008 15:40

Hi all,

I live in eastern Canada, the land of endless lakes and rivers, and boundless untracked wilderness; once you get a few hours north of the cities anyway. I'm looking for a good camp axe to take with me on canoeing trips. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience with wetterlings Yankee axe 100?

It weighs in at 1 kg, and has a 25 inch helve.

Does anyone know what the head shape is like?
--General purpose, or more concave like the Gransfors limbing axes?

Any observations on build quality?
--Head hardness/toughness?
--Handle grain orientation?
--Head handle alignment?

Another possibility might be the forest axe with the 25" helve, but it's one of their hand forged models which, appear to suffer from spotty quality control. I was thinking the drop forged yankee axe might be a better bet in this regard. I've also considered the Gransfors Scandinavian forest axe, and unlike many I don't consider the price of Gransfors products to be at all out of line. I have a GB wildlife hatchet for backpacking and it was worth every penny. However, I'd rather have a more general purpose type of head for the larger axe, as opposed to the limbing style of the forest axe.

I'd be interested in hearing from people with REAL experience with the Yankee axe, or even Wetterlings forest axe. Which is to say that you've actually seen and handled one, and know what the head shape is actually like, as opposed to simple supposition based on observation of a Wetterlings hunter's axe.

Thanks to all!
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