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Published in November 2008

On 19 November 2008, by James, in About us and disclaimers has been on the web from october 2003 to october 2008. It operated as from 2001 to 2003. In 2008 it stopped because it was too much work and hassle to run for an amateur webmaster and only one life to live. RIP and special thanks to all who made it, and for the good time we had ! OM does not operate anymore, this is a static archive cleansed from CPU consuming operations and not indexed by external search engines.

Published in September 2008

On 26 September 2008, by Taky, in Bushcraft and Survival
Ever since I’ve discovered the firesteels, I’ve been dependent on natural tinder to light fires.

On 25 September 2008, by pnslts, in Bushcraft and Survival
A nice video using as bow string to start a fire by friction.

On 24 September 2008, by James, in Long blades
A review and test of 3 traditional "Asiatic" blades.

Indigenous Knowledge From the National Film Board of Canada

On 13 September 2008, by James, in Bushcraft and Survival
One of our forums Friends recenty posted a pointer to these marvelous movies.

On 7 September 2008, by James, in Bushcraft and Survival
Videos from A-Z bushcraft.

Published in July 2008

On 18 July 2008, by sweeper, in Long blades
I’ve used this parang in the outdoors for 4 years, at least, and I want to share my opinions with you.

Published in May 2008

On 23 May 2008, by Sharpshooter, in Lamps and Lanterns
The latest offerings from the Brilliant Folks at PEAK LED Solutions

On 6 May 2008, by jables, in Fixed blades
A look at the Buck Hartsook S30V Neck Knife.

Published in April 2008

On 28 April 2008, by James, pnslts, in Bushcraft and Survival
This explains how to light a fire using marcasite, flint, tinder fungus, and an abandoned bird nest or dry herbs.

Blog: Adventures, stories.

MOBY-GAR A not so subtle metaphor reflecting on my low budget adventures

On 14 September 2008, by jables, in Blog: Adventures, stories
Creek Fishin Shenanigans

Published in August 2008

On 12 August 2008, by trout whisperer, in Blog: Adventures, stories
I’m in the drivers seat of the boat.......

On 12 August 2008, by trout whisperer, in Blog: Adventures, stories
Summer job. Worm wrangler

Some random articles

Published in January 2004

On 30 January 2004, by Sargey, in Bushcraft and Survival
Diary of a week long advanced bushcraft survival course.

Published in October 2004

Urban Preparation Kit, Part I, On-Body Kit The essential urban daily carry kit.

On 6 October 2004, by Schwert, in Bushcraft and Survival
Part I of this article covers the on-body kit designed to provide basic needs of shelter, warmth, water and communication in the event of an urban disaster.

Published in August 2005

The Aromatherapy approach and selection of essential oils for the outdoors.

On 12 August 2005, by James, in Safety and health
A concern that all of us have when out for some time, is to face illness, and all these little disorders of every day.

Published in April 2006

On 22 April 2006, by Tjin, in Clothing
Lets find out how NBC suits perform in the outdoors.

Fasting facts A few facts about the necessity of food.

On 13 January 2004, by James, in Safety and health
What does lack of food do to our body?

Published in October 2007

On 5 October 2007, by sweeper, in Bivouac
RocketPak is a large, modular, solid, and comfortable backpack.

Published in June 2004

Mini PSK Tutorial A guide for assembling your own Personal Survival Kit ...

On 7 June 2004, by SgtMike88Ret, in Bushcraft and Survival
An excellent article on a do it yourself, modern, and versatile survival kit.